Truth Hurts


Ever been so curious that you just had to ask, and then once you know that thing that you wanted to know you wish you could unknow it? Imagine someone keeping their past from you, always hiding something, and when you finally force the truth out of them you discover they’re the reason Minnesota has a law against fornication with live fish. (You know someone had to do it. These laws don’t come out of thin air.)
Honesty is a good thing. It keeps a relationship real, it brings people closer, it lowers the US divorce rate… But it can also instill a phobia of pesca-containing foods in an person. Some things you just don’t need to know. I recently went through this type of experience with a girl friend of mine (notice the space in between there? Us guys call that the “friend zone”). Here I was, known her for three years, thought I had it all figured out… Then bam, she drops a huge bombshell on me. (No, I’m not going to tell you. That would be rude.) I laughed it off, no big deal, but it was. And like I said, you can’t unknow things.
So while honesty might be the best policy and all that horseradish, keep in mind that a little mystery keeps a relationship flourishing. It keeps you thinking and guessing – two of our least favorite activities, but you’d be surprised how much you miss it.


7 thoughts on “Truth Hurts

  1. I catch your drift and you’re welcome. Was that ‘bombshell’ a game changer for you? Sorry I’m a curious person, you don’t have to answer that. (…please answer before my curiosity kills me like it did that cat…)

  2. Well I’m sure she still has some mystery to her. It sounds like you like her alot. I’ll stop prying now (curiosity has been sated). I look forward to your next post.

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